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Food Contact Products

Learn about FDA approved adhesive tapes used for direct or indirect contact of food, pharmaceutical and OTC products.

Pharmaceutical & Food-Grade Adhesives & Applications

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration strictly regulates the safety and security of any product used in direct or indirect contact with what the public ingests, from food and drinks to drugs and supplements. MBK Tape Solutions is an experienced producer of custom food grade adhesives that comply with FDA regulations for direct and indirect food contact, such as those used with packaging, processing, or transporting pharmaceutical and food products. We help nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and food manufacturers and processors comply with government regulations. Our food safe adhesives, tapes, and materials ensure FDA compliance while improving [...]

April 2021|

New FDA Direct Food Contact Tapes Developed by MBK Tape Solutions: Achieves Safety Compliance and Eliminates Contamination

In today's regulatory landscape, MBK Tape Solutions has addressed the need for FDA safety compliant pressure sensitive adhesives and coatings used when manufacturing, processing, packing, packaging, transporting or holding food, pharmaceutical and OTC products.

September 2014|