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MBK Company News

Read about MBK Tape Solutions products, services, noteworthy events, awards and more.

Honoring the Life of Courtney Langdon-Codd

It is with great sadness we share the loss of Courtney Langdon-Codd, passing Thursday, September 9th, due to the Coronavirus. Courtney joined the MBK Team in 1998, serving in many different roles, including Sales, Customer Service, Supply Chain & Logistics, and finally Project Management. Courtney was a dedicated employee, problem-solver, and leader. You could always count on Courtney to do her job and step up to help others and lead the way. She mentored and trained many employees and was always patient and positive. Her devotion to the company and empathetic attitude toward her peers was exemplary to all. The MBK family will miss her greatly.

September 2021|

Supply Chain Disruptions in Manufacturing

Businesses across the globe are experiencing shortages of chemicals, materials, plant closures, workforces, and much more that were previously thought improbable in our lifetime. Raw material and supply constraints and logistics in conjunction with a significant increase in demand have made the supply chain volatile. That being said, we are experiencing unprecedented delays at nearly every step of the procurement, delivery, and manufacturing process.

August 2021|

Tips to Finding a Qualified Medical Tape Converter

Looking to manufacture a new or improved medical product? Be sure to partner with a reliable tape converter who has the industry knowledge, experience, certifications, and equipment to manufacture the product. Working with a top-notch converter who has relationships with high-quality suppliers allows engineers to manufacture a product that is best suited for the end-user application and requirements. 

August 2021|

Medical Device Manufacturing Starts with a Tape Converter

To get your new or improved medical product to market quickly and successfully, utilize the services of a medical tape converter from the start of the manufacturing process. They provide expertise on material selection, converting know-how, and design for scalability and cost-effectiveness, while meeting the application requirements.

August 2021|

What is Tape Converting?

Converting tapes and flexible materials requires special machinery and distinctive know-how. Since 1971, the MBK team has the experience, expertise, and converting capabilities to offer tailored solutions for a wide variety of applications. From a simple slit to complex die-cuts, MBK transforms raw flexible materials into usable products.

April 2021|

MBK Tape Solutions Celebrates 50 Years

This year, MBK Tape Solutions is celebrating 50 years in the tape converting business.  Founded by John Kaminski in 1971, the business has passed from father to son for three generations.  Being a family run company, relationship building with their customers, vendors and staff is critical to making a successful company.  With that being said, the company has earned a reputation for integrity, outstanding customer care and innovative tape solutions.

February 2021|

2020 MBK Company Insight

Though 2020 was a year full of challenges, it was also a year of insight and opportunities.  Being a medical tape converter, we stayed open for business while adhering to CDC guidelines.   Our employees and vendors worked tirelessly to provide converting services and products to our customers.  We supplied materials and fully assembled PPE face shields to customers, other manufacturers as well as to the community at large.

December 2020|

New 3M Antimicrobial Protective Films for High-Touch Surfaces

During this highly contagious pandemic, safety protocols require frequent cleaning, disinfecting and maintenance of high-touch surfaces. 3M offers new durable protective films which feature an optically clear hardcoat layer containing an antimicrobial agent.

October 2020|

MBK Supports Affordable Homes for Veterans

MBK Tape Solutions is honored to help support our U.S. Veterans by giving construction tape products to the non-profit organization, Homes 4 Families.  MBK donated rolls of masking tape, colored vinyl marking tape, electrical tape, aluminum foil tape and duct tape to the Veteran affordable housing development project being built in the City of Palmdale, a Los Angeles community. 

August 2020|

MBK Tape Solutions Awarded the Thomas Verified Supplier Badge

MBK Tape Solutions has been approved as a Thomas Verified Supplier and COVID-19 Response Supplier.  Thomas has confirmed that MBK provides accurate business information on the Thomasnet.com supplier discovery platform and has undergone a complete review and validation of all products and services currently offered.  In addition, MBK was confirmed as a COVID-19 Response Supplier, offering adhesive tapes and flexible materials, assembled face shields, safety products and other manufacturing services to the current shortage of critical PPE supplies. 

July 2020|

MBK Supports the Deaf Community During Covid-19

MBK’s employee and recent graduate of CSUN, Madison Camp, recently coordinated with the Deaf Studies Department to distribute MBK face shields to the Deaf Community in the Los Angeles area. These face shields help the deaf communicate clearly while simultaneously offering protection.

June 2020|

MBK Provides Stay Safe Tape Product Solutions

To ensure the safety of employees, customers and the community, MBK Tape Solutions offers a variety of Stay Safe solutions from fully assembled PPE face shields to temporary mounting of signs, protecting floors, marking safe distances, sealing contaminated containers, fastening partitions and much more. 

June 2020|

MBK Celebrate’s Our College Graduates

MBK Tape Solutions is super proud of our three college graduates, Rosie, Madison and Yessenia, who have worked at MBK diligently while pursuing their education at CSUN.  Keeping with safety protocols, MBK celebrated their accomplishments with cupcakes for those working at the facility and a team conference call with our staff working remotely.  

May 2020|

What is the Shelf Life of Adhesive Tapes?

During these uncertain times, you may be wondering if your adhesive tape inventory has gone beyond its shelf life.  The shelf life is considered the period of time an adhesive remains usable after being manufactured and before the material is converted for a specific application.  Typically, the manufacturer’s shelf life for a pressure sensitive adhesive is one to two years when stored out of direct sunlight, in ideal temperatures of 60° to 80° degrees Fahrenheit and at 40 to 50 percent relative humidity.  However, there are many factors that play into the life of your product.

May 2020|

MBK Tape Solutions Renews ISO 9001:2015 Certification

MBK Tape Solutions is pleased to announce that we achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for the upcoming year, effective May 4, 2020-2021.  By keeping the ISO certificate up to date, it shows that MBK is committed to quality management and continual improvement, while providing our customers with consistent quality products and exceptional customer support. 

May 2020|

MBK Supports Front-line Workers with Face Shields

MBK Tape Solutions is proud to be able to help support our customers and front-line workers in these unprecedented times by supplying foam adhesive tape for the use in manufactured face shields to help stop the spread of Covid-19. The Face shields are being used by our front line workers who are working tirelessly to make sure that we all stay safe.

April 2020|

MBK Manufactures PPE Face Shields to Fight COVID-19

MBK Tape Solutions is not only manufacturing medical device component parts for our customers, but also producing PPE Face Shield components to help protect against the Coronavirus.  Face shield materials are in stock, ready to be converted into roll goods, die cut parts or a combination in kit form. We also offer fully assembled face shields.

April 2020|

Discover tesa ACXplus High Performance Bonding Tapes

MBK Tape Solutions partners with tesa to offer the ACXplus Bonding Acrylic Foam Tape Series. This doubled sided foam tape provides superior bonding in extreme temperatures and weather conditions and is particularly beneficial when needing to permanently bond two dissimilar substrates.

January 2020|

MBK Reorganization

This past year, the MBK team worked together to create an efficient and effective work environment. We updated our software system, bought new converting equipment, reorganized our workforce, hired new employees and added a second shift of machine operators and packagers. Many thanks to our managers, supervisors, human resource personnel and the entire MBK team for your hard work, flexibility and dedication.

December 2019|


At this time of Thanksgiving, MBK would like to express our gratitude to all our customers for trusting us with your tape and die cutting needs and to our vendors for your unending support this past year. Your business is much appreciated and hope that our association has been fruitful. We value our partnership and we will do our very best to continue to provide outstanding service and quality products.

November 2019|

What is Class 8 Clean Room Manufacturing?

MBK Tape Solutions offers ISO Class 8 Clean room Manufacturing and Packaging for the medical and health care industry, as well as other industries where small particles can adversely affect the manufacturing process.

October 2019|

The New Rotary Press “The Great Wazoo” Has Arrived

We are super excited about our new state-of-the-art 10 station, 10' rotary die press. The Sysco 10" Converting Machine offers new technology and capabilities, including superior repeatability and tighter tolerances. Thank you, Sysco for providing outstanding training and service.

September 2019|

MBK Tape Solutions Present at MedTech Conference

On July 29, 2019, MBK Tape Solutions with partner, Vancive Technologies (a division of Avery Dennison) presented "Bringing Stick to Skin Wearables to Market" at the MedTech Conference in Irvine, Orange County, CA. Jason Zajac lead the panel discussion consisting of Jeff Kaminski, CEO of MBK, and Deepak Prakash, Sr. Director of Global Marketing at Vancive Technologies.

July 2019|

Contract Manufacturing Adds Value

MBK Tape Solutions, a Contract Manufacturer (CM), specializes in fabricating adhesive medical component parts and finished products for medical devices, stick-to-skin wearables and the personal care market. Our experienced team of application engineers and customer support will help manage the process from design and development, to prototyping to full scale production. Not only do we help cut manufacturing costs, our design expertise delivers innovative quality products.

July 2019|

Med Tech Monday, July 27th, 2019

Join MBK Tape Solutions at Med Tech Monday Conference on July 29th, 2019 in Irvine, Orange County, CA. Jeff Kaminski, CEO of MBK, Jason Zajac, VP of Sales and Deepak Prakash, Sr. Director of Global Marketing at Vancive Medical Technologies, an Avery Dennison division, will be discussing, How partnering with the right wearable solution provider can help you bring your wearable to market faster?

July 2019|

MBK Tape sponsors World Medtech Day, May 7th, 2019

World Medtech Day will be hosting their annual vendor fair in Irvine for a full day of high-quality technical presentations, industry vendors & networking like no other event. With a great program planned, come learn best practices for building your business and learn what is happening Internationally in the Medtech space. Be prepared for breakout sessions and a vendor fair with leading edge companies.

April 2019|

MBK Sales Team at the San Jose State Biomedical Conference 2019

The SJSU Biomedical Conference was yesterday in San Jose -- so much talent in Silicon Valley! It was a busy day for MBK Tape at the San Jose State Biomedical conference educating and learning with future and current device developers on new and innovative ways to incorporate medical adhesives into their wearable medical devices.

April 2019|

New Stick to Skin Materials for the Adhesive Bra Consumer Industry

Over the past year, MBK Tape Solutions has seen an influx of commercial adhesive bra and nipple cover businesses return to the USA. Being a manufacturer of adhesive bras ranging from sizes A-DD for over 25 years. MBK also has been evolving the stick to skin bra, breast lift tape and pasties market by introducing new stick to skin materials and advanced converting techniques.

March 2019|

MBK Converting Capabilities Video 2019

MBK Tape Solutions is a global leader in the tape converting industry. ... Using state-of-the-art converting equipment, MBK converts jumbo rolls and sheets of adhesive tapes, films, foams, foils, cloth and other flexible materials into any size, shape or configuration required.

January 2019|

Lean 101 Manufacturing and Push-Pull Production

Keeping with our commitment to add value to our customers and to continually improve, MBK Tape Solutions prescribes to Lean manufacturing principles. This year with the guidance from Dennis Grogan, a consultant from Austin-Corp., MBK is focusing on identifying areas of improvement and standardizing the process. Check out our Lean 101 video that demonstrates the difference from Push to Pull production.

November 2018|

Benefits of a 3M Partnership with MBK Tape Solutions

Since 1976, MBK Tape Solutions has been a 3M Platinum Preferred Converter in both 3M’s Medical and Industrial Tapes divisions. Having the Platinum 3M Preferred Converter status gives MBK access to the most competitively priced, high quality 3M branded products that meet our customer’s needs as well as gives MBK access to 3M technical expertise and support.

October 2018|

MBK Tape Solutions Sponsors Med Tech Monday Conference

MBK Tape Solutions participated as a Silver Sponsor at the Med Tech Monday conference held at the Avenue of the Arts Hotel in Costa Mesa on August 6th, 2018. The event focused on the development and funding for start-up medical device companies.

September 2018|

Why Work at MBK Tape Solutions – It’s All About Family & Well-Being

MBK Tape Solutions, a family owned and operated business, strives to provide a safe, healthy and fun working atmosphere for all employees. Workers are treated like part of the MBK family and respected for their individuality. With an average tenure of 15 years and several managers with 30 years plus, MBK must be on the right track.

August 2018|

MBK Tape Solutions Hires Family & Friends for Summer Jobs

Thank you, Ruby Hernandez, James Lopez, Yessenia Lopez Padilla, Nicole Ramos and Alvarez Christopher for spending your summer working at MBK Tape Solutions. We appreciated your help in the office and manufacturing plant. Hope this work experience will help you grow and prepare you for future endeavors. Best of luck!

August 2018|

MBK Tape Solutions Releases New Medical Tapes & Materials Catalog

Though MBK has been providing medical tape solutions to the industry for decades, we are excited to release our new Medical Tapes and Materials Catalog on our website.  By using the faceted search parameters which instantly filters the results, you will be able to find the best adhesive tape product for your specifications quickly and easily.  We offer medical grade products including films, foams and non-woven materials coated with biocompatible acrylic, rubber or silicone adhesives, as well as hydrogels and hydrocolloids.   MBK has the converting capabilities to customize the construction to meet your specific application requirements.

April 2018|

MBK Moved to Larger Headquarters – 9959 Canoga Avenue, Chatsworth, California

September 2017 – To accommodate growth in both the Medical and Industrial markets, MBK Tape Solutions has moved to a new, larger converting facility. Their new address is 9959 Canoga Ave, Chatsworth, California 91311.The current phone number remains the same at 818-998-1477. MBK’s new facility nearly doubles their previous manufacturing footprint and includes a state-ofthe-art ISO Class 8 clean-room with four, independent work cells for manufacturing and packaging. The shop and warehouse are utilizing lean manufacturing principals, ensuring quality products and efficiency. The employees enjoy comfortable new offices and an environment that promotes streamlined communication [...]

October 2017|

MBK is Moving – Business Open as Usual

To accomodate our growing business, MBK is moving to larger headquarters. The new facility is nearly double in capacity of our current location and will house a new state-of-the-art ISO Class 8 clean-room. With the added office and shop space, the new environment will promote team work and increase efficiency to effectively meet your needs. The scheduled date for moving is September 8th. We have planned the move, so that Business Will Open As Usual. The NEW location is literally down the street from our current location at 9959 Canoga Avenue, Chatsworth, California. We are very excited about the move and hope you will stop by and visit when you are in the neighborhood.

August 2017|

MBK Tape Solutions Hires A Certified Quality Manager

MBK is pleased to announce the hiring of Jaymin Chauhan for the Quality Manager position. Jaymin is currently finishing up his Master's degree in Manufacturing System Engineering & Quality Management at California State University in Northridge, California. We are thrilled to have a Certified Lean and Six Sigma Quality Control Manager join the team. Jaymin earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering In India and then worked for four years as a Production Engineer - Team Leader in South Korea. Utilizing his prior work experience, knowledge and skills, Jaymin's primary role will be overseeing the Quality Control at MBK as well as implementing Lean Manufacturing and assuring good work flow at our new headquarters. Welcome to the MBK family.

July 2017|

MBK Tape Solutions Develops Stick To Skin Wearable Patches for CGM Continuous Glucose Monitoring

MBK Tape Solutions has been a leader in designing, developing and converting stick to skin patches for over 15 years for use with Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) medical devices. Continuous monitoring with the use of a CGM device that is secured to the skin with a medical grade pressure sensitive adhesive tape system provides an effective way to measure glucose levels in real-time throughout the day and night for diabetes management.

June 2017|

MBK Tape Solutions Implements Lean Manufacturing: Utilizing 5S, Gemba Walk and Kaizen Tools

Over the past year, MBK Tape Solutions implemented Lean Manufacturing practices, with the goal to reduce waste and improve the manufacturing process. What does this mean for our customers? Using lean manufacturing techniques helps deliver higher quality products while reducing costs. In April, the entire MBK team participated in a Kaizen event. Facilitated by Dennis Grogan, a consultant from Austin-Corp. we developed and implemented new processes in order to streamline and eliminate unneeded waste. Many thanks to Dennis for listening to the staff's concerns and ideas, and bringing positive energy to the MBK workplace. To learn more about 5S, Gemba Walk and Kaizen Tools

April 2017|

MBK Celebrates 45 Year Anniversary & Plans for the Future

After 45 years in operation, MBK is positioning itself for sustained growth in the world markets. We continue to improve operations, expand our space and update our equipment, software and certification. This past year, we doubled our clean room manufacturing space, updated the slitting and laminating equipment, and utilized the laser die cutting equipment for prototypes, low volume and tight tolerance laser cut parts. To increase productivity and assure quality, we are transitioning to a new software system and are updating our ISO 9001:2008 certification to ISO 9000:121:15. MBK continually strives to be the best tape converter, providing quality products and services.

December 2016|

MBK Tape Solutions Launches New Responsive Website

MBK Tape Solutions, a leader in the medical and industrial adhesive tape converting industry, announces the launch of its newly redesigned responsive website, www.mbktape.com. The user-friendly, responsive site ensures an informative experience on any mobile device or PC/ MAC based platform. The layout provides multiple ways to navigate the website, search for materials and find information quickly.

September 2016|

Brandon Stevens Joins the MBK Tape Solutions Sales Team

In June 2016, MBK hired Brandon Stevens as a Sales Engineer covering Orange County, California. With his work experience at Avery Dennison and product knowledge, customers will be impressed with his ability to offer engineered tape solutions to a wide variety of applications. Brandon has an infectious smile and is excited to work with our new and existing customers. Please feel free to reach out to him at any time on his mobile phone at 714-330-5758 or via e-mail at info@mbktape.com.

June 2016|

MBK Tape Solutions Provides Medical Device Microfluidic Solutions

MBK Tape Solutions has the expertise and knowledge to help with microfluidic medical devices that are used in medical screening and diagnostics. The MBK team has extensive experience working with medical adhesives & materials, including adhesive technology engineered for low build-up of residue in high volume die cutting operations, materials manufactured to exact thickness specifications and containing low levels of volatiles that ensure compatibility with your chemistry.

May 2016|

MBK Offers “Green” Eco-Friendly Tape Solutions

MBK offers environmentally friendly custom adhesive tape products and specialty tape converting services to a variety of industries including renewable energy, medical, food, automotive and manufacturing that are either made from renewable or recycled raw materials or are recyclable or biodegradable themselves.

April 2016|

MBK Announces New Partnership with tesa® Tape

MBK Tape Solutions is pleased to announce the newly formed partnership with tesa tape, Inc. MBK is one of the few select converters working in their Unique Partner Program (U.P.P.). "Our partnership with such a world class organization like tesa helps strengthen our MBK breadth of products and services we can offer to our current and potential customer base. Tesa has some of the best PSA Pressure Sensitive Adhesive products in the world and I am happy that we have formed this partnership to strengthen our working relationship. This partnership will help both companies expand our portfolio of products and services to customers in almost every industry," said Jason Zajac, Vice President of Sales.

March 2016|

MBK Provides Stick to Skin Solutions: Extended Wear Tape Products Adhere for 7+ Days

Being at the forefront in the wearable market, MBK Tape Solutions has helped engineer "stick to skin" solutions for wearable devices in many different industries: anything from 3D holographic sunglasses to nicotine cessation patches, constant glucose monitoring devices (CGM) and even some operating room solutions. Device manufactures and medical professionals are looking for conformable adhesive tapes that can hold devices securely for long-term wear and can be removed from the skin gently, without causing skin trauma. One of the most common questions asked, is there a long term PSA solution to stick to skin for more than 7 days?

November 2015|

Customer Service Training: MBK Attends 3M Converter College

MBK Tape Solutions encourages ongoing training of all employees. Last week, Sylvia Pena and Cynthia Aceves, Customer Service Representatives, attended 3M Converter College in St. Paul, MN. After being immersed in the 3M community, they returned to California with a wealth of information about 3M tape products and the latest market trends. According to Cynthia, "3M Converter College was an amazing experience! We expanded our knowledge on various products, applications and of course, converting challenges. 3M Reps were beyond helpful and knowledgeable. They made us feel at home. As Mr. Johnson our training supervisor emphasized, "A presentation without a demonstration is just a conversation."

October 2015|

Continuing Education: MBK Sales Team Attends tesa® Tape Academy

MBK Tape Solutions inside sales team, Larry Dahl, Carlos Amesquita and Sylvia Pena, recently attended tesa Academy in Grand Rapids, MI. Their first day training was highlighted by a technical presentation by Cody Shelner, Application Solutions Engineer, followed by a new product presentation by Brady Hanson, Associate Market Manager. The second day was a plant tour and meetings with various product managers. Our team came away with a far better understanding of tesa's diverse industrial product line and capabilities as well as a new insight where there products are being used. Thank you tesa for all your support!

September 2015|

MBK Announces New Partnership with Adhesives Research: Preferred Converter for Medical Devices & Wearable Markets

MBK Tape Solutions is pleased to announce a new partnership as a Preferred Converter with a distinguised Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape Manufacturer, Adhesives Research. MBK has partnered with Adhesives Research's medical division to expand our breath of product offerings to our new and existing client base.

August 2015|

Jason Zajac Discusses Wearable Technology Designs at University of San Francisco/UC Berkeley

Jason Zajac Discusses Wearable Technology Designs at University of San Francisco/UC Berkeley June 17, 2015 – Jason Zajac, Vice President of Sales for MBK Tape Solutions, presented to the University of San Francisco/ UC Berkeley, Master of Transitional Medicine (MTM) team about the latest stick to skin adhesives they engineer as well as the multi-layer lamination methods MBK has pioneered for mounting medical devices to the body. “It is amazing the people I meet and the technologies that are being developed to help people become more aware of their body and to prevent and treat [...]

June 2015|

Medical Tapes for Wearable Sensor Devices: MBK Provides Innovative Tape and Design Solutions

Bio-compatible skin friendly medical adhesive tapes are an integral part of designing wearable sensor medical devices. Wearable sensor devices are used to monitor, diagnose and treat diseases, fitness and general patients wellness. The challenge for startups and manufactures is finding the right combination of adhesive tape materials and backings to produce a comfortable, breathable and reliable long term skin contact securement system for their patients and end users.

February 2015|

MBK Expands Production & Warehouse Space: Enhances Converting Capabilities and Capacity

To support the growing business, MBK Tape Solutions expanded their existing warehouse and added a new die-cutting press and slitting machine. Installing a mezzanine to the two-story building, increased floor space and storage and the new converting equipment amplified MBK's die-cutting and slitting capabilities.

November 2014|

New FDA Direct Food Contact Tapes Developed by MBK Tape Solutions: Achieves Safety Compliance and Eliminates Contamination

In today's regulatory landscape, MBK Tape Solutions has addressed the need for FDA safety compliant pressure sensitive adhesives and coatings used when manufacturing, processing, packing, packaging, transporting or holding food, pharmaceutical and OTC products.

September 2014|

8 Reasons to Choose MBK Tape Solutions to Design and Develop Your Tape Products

As a third party tape converter, MBK is well qualified to manage the development of adhesive tape component parts and end-user products for the following reasons.

August 2014|

MBK Tape Solutions Launches Enhanced Website: Provides Quick Access to Extensive Product Catalog and Converting Capabilities

MBK Tape Solutinos, a leader in the adhesive tape converting industry, announced the launch of it's newly redesigned website, www.mbktape.com. The user-friendly site is seamless to navigate and the new enhancements ensure an informative user experience.

April 2014|

One Stop Tape Shop – New Commodity Line of Adhesive Tapes and Sprays

MBK Tape Solutions now stocks a commodity line of carton sealing tape, masking tape, duct tape, filament tape, as well as, adhesive sprays, lubricants and cleaners from Cammie® and Sprayway®, giving MBK customers a one stop shop for all their adhesive tapes and sprays.

November 2012|

MBK Tape Solutions Partners with Rogers Corporation

MBK Tape Solutions is pleased to announce the new partnership with Rogers Corporation. MBK is now a Roger's converter. The Roger's converter status gives MBK the rights to disribute and sell all of Roger's products including Poron® Urethane Foams and Bisco® Silicones.

June 2012|

MBK Tape Solutions Partners with Avery Dennison Medical Solutions As Part of Converter Benefit Program

MBK Tape Solutions announces its partnership with Avery Dennison Medical Solutions, a division of Avery Dennison Corporation and a global leader in adhesive technologies for medical applications, including surgical, wound care, ostomy and electromedical.

May 2012|

MBK Tape Solutions Launches New Website

MBK Tape Solutions Launches New Website February 2012 - MBK Tapes Solutions, a leading global converter of pressure sensitive adhesive tape, is pleased to announce the launch of a newly redesigned website www.mbktape.com. Key features of the web site include a product catalog, and a new user interface focused on improving navigation and the overall customer experience. The product catalog lists items that are typically stocked and is sorted by materials, applications and industries, making the website user friendly. Each converting service provides information that both the novice and the engineer will find helpful. In [...]

February 2012|

MBK Tape Solutions Installs Soliant Energy Rooftop Solar System in Los Angeles

Soliant Energy, the leader in concentrated photovoltaic solar energy systems for commercial rooftops, announced today, that MBK has installed the Soliant SPV rooftop solar system on its headquarters in Chatsworth, California.

October 2010|